Making it part 1

So what is my 'genius' plan? Besides for going from feeling really confident to being terrified that I've made a leap too far, sometimes hour by hour. It's a bit like a game of chicken. Well it's quite multi pronged, my first step and what I've been doing for the last week or so and will be doing over the next few weeks is furiously trying to email every working photographer I can find (luckily in this town there are thousands) and offering my super amazing digital capture tech services (not like that obviously). While working as a digitech over the last couple of years I've realised that it really taps into my solutionist nature, I'm good at tweaking and improving workflows to get a better experience and result pre, during and post shoot days. It's one step towards paying rent and one step closer to freaking out a bit less. So here goes. 

How I'm going about it? I've contacted everyone in my network and tried to connect to some photographers in NYC. I've started a database of every working photographer from agency websites  that are based over here. I know there is probably an app or website that would make capturing and maintaining this data a bit easier but for the time being I don't like the idea of being locked into a CRM system as most of them do. So what I've done is create a folder called Intro and started saving 'Pages' with all the photographers details and what I've sent to them. Another folder called follow up with one's that have replied, which is about 15/100 so far, maybe a little less. By capturing the data in this way I keep it well indexed and I can keep track of all of my interactions with each individual photographer. 

I then need to meet up with them for a quick greet or some require a test first. This is so that they can gauge my technical ability but also my personality and basically to ensure that I'd be a good addition to their set. If I dress weird, had a strange sense of humour or had hygiene issues they'd decide to give it a pass, no matter how good my technical qualities because I'd be affecting the other people, talent or clients, in a negative way. I'm mindful of how I would fit in and adjust accordingly. As a digital you are in the end part of the support team. 

The search and contact continues. 

Sherwin Liang