30days - Day 2 Storefront shoes

I went through a ton of ideas when I'd started thinking of doing this. These were just a few of the variations when I was looking at composition and final ideas. 

I've been working freelance as a retoucher from time to time in the last two years and really wanted to try doing one of these. I think there's space for improvement but I'm really happy with what I got within one day. 

I shot with a studio tripod, a profoto light and the Phase one IQ1 100mp camera. It's mind blowing the amount of detail that comes with high resolution, it lends itself to the perfect retouch. Setting paths early in the workflow made things easy to edit. 

I struggled slightly with the light not being consistent across all the images. I used the focus stack function of the Phase one to shoot 5 images and then I used the auto blend function in photoshop to render a single sharp image all the way through. 

Short video and a more comprehensive roundup coming soon. 

Sherwin Liang