30days - Day 1

Day 1

I've shuffled the dates of a few shoots since I had some availability issues with venues and studio. But I'm really happy I did.

The inspiration for the shoot today came from Kat Irlin, I've been following her work for 3 or 4 years and really love the tones and moods that she has in her imagery. I took a few reference images from her and decided to do something with a mysterious feel.  These were the refs I sent to the model with a brief that we're going for a kind of spy feel. 

I met Weston Boucher on a job where I was a Digital tech and we happened to get a ride in the same production car home. I thought he'd be great to achieve this kind of mission impossible style, he has these slightly hidden tattoos and a really good story telling way about him. We stayed in touch over the last few weeks and made it happen today.  

I shot at Beluga restaurant in Cape Town. A really good friend of mine is the marketing manager there and she was able to get me the venue before they opened for an hour. In return I took some images of their setting and branding for their social media. 

I knew I wanted quite a dark image with striking detail in the light areas. This paired with a good grade and some added grain would give me the feel that I was after. I shot with a Canon 5d4 and a 50mm lens which would give me good performance in the low light. I brought along a profoto b1 just in case I needed some help with the light, I did and wow did it perform. The b1x kit will be my first purchase when I get to New York. 

Here are my results:

After my day 1 I'm realising:

In order to improve this roundup I need to take some time to take some notes, maybe write part of this as I go along because I can't remember everything at the end. Looking forward to day 2!!

*I hope I've done the reference images some justice. I don't presume to be anywhere near that level, she has a way with light, composing and a romantic feel to the imagery that's next level. 

Sherwin Liang