30 Days Preamble

So here I am, 27th of February. I had earmarked the whole of March to do this project, I had it all planned, I'd saved up so that I wouldn't have to work during the month and I had a lot of the planning in place. And then it all came tumbling down. I had an emergency personal cost that put me out of commission for two weeks this month, which meant I hardly got any planning done and that I may have to work a few days next month to make up for the shortfall. What I've decided is to carry on anyway, on the fly. Partly the point of this project is to document how one would do this in real life, and this is real life, things happen. I have about two weeks fully planned thus far but I have to shuffle the days because of weather or because of availability of studio or because of models. Staying on the positive thinking side this may mean that an even more raw real result comes out since I don't have time to think about what I'm putting out before I put it out. Might make for a horrible read but hey, it's reality. Happy following ;) I'm grateful

Sherwin Liang