30 Days 30 shoots

In March 2018 I'll be doing 30 shoots in 30 days. Every day will be representative of a different feeling/emotion (Fresh, happy, winning, hot, cold, comfy, sexy, expensive, natural, luxury). I'll be publicly documenting as much of the process as possible on a blog. I'm grateful to have gotten some amazing support from people in the production industry, makeup artists, stylists, models, assistants, agencies, all the gear I'd ever need (I'm going to capture on a variety of different camera systems), post production retouching and video editing too. I've even gotten some clients to agree to let their part of the process be posted.

My plan is to do 30 shoots in 30 days. Why? I'm trying to get myself to create more. Bigger, better and more frequently.

This is a 30 day project, there are 365 in a year and I have so many creative projects I'd like to produce so I'm trying to squeeze as much work out of myself as possible. I have a really full year ahead: getting married, moving to NYC, illustrating a kids animal book, taking epic portraits every week and creating a shit ton of on point brand creative.

Why do it publicly? I think it's gonna force me to get good, and get good fast. The way I'm looking at it is I'm either gonna succeed or fail at this particular goal but either way I'm going to learn. I may get some attention to the project and myself as a creative, good or bad. I cringe a little when thinking about who will see it, I struggle a bit thinking about who may be judging. But I think getting over that is part of what this is too. At the very least I'll have a great diary of my decision making process and I can figure out how to move forward from there. 

For now I'll be posting the pre planning of each of the 30 days as I get to them. The logistics are wild but I've planned it so that I have a couple of easy shoots after each of the tougher ones. Wish me luck! 

Sherwin Liang